Fringe Me

God... what do I say right now? I feel bad ... A and I went to the fringe with one of my friends, L, and her friend... and hmm.

It was fun! I ran into a lot of people! Hell, even B was there with his bitch whore of a girlfriend that glared at me as she put her glittery sparkly lip gloss on like the fucking bitch whore she is and I wanted to slap her. What a whore, man what a whore!

L was there!! I haven't seen her in so long! and me and A tried calling C, but she was crashed out after classes, so that didn't work all too well. It was fun none the less, made a few new buddies which is cool, and met up with C for a bit there! that guy is fucking sexy as hell! Damn... 

Anyway.. that's not all this post is about... I feel bad. 

I feel really really bad...

Because D and A want me to move in with them... and I can't right now because the place I am moving into is in such a perfect perfect spot. and I honestly think it's the best place I could find right now. I just.. I feel bad because of it. Their having a really really hard time getting money and the such together and i feel like such a shit I dunno what to do!


I really really need a hug.

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Anonymous said...

I'll post anon so no names revealed, but the moving things is alright. I still love ya