Moved In

So I'm all moved in here which is nice. My room is still a mess, but that's okay because half of it belongs to C and C for their business. It makes it hard for me to unpack my shit, but that's alright, I get it done eventually.

I was supposed to go out with B on Sunday but fuck him - he ditched. Not that I can really blame him, his GF was there occupying his time - good for her, white trash bitch. anyway, whatever it doesn't matter. I'm kinda tired of being the "other girl" when it comes to relationships, and I'd be fucking stupid if I though I was the only one T was seeing while we dated. Whatever.

It's really not worth it, it never is. All this relationship bullshit. What's the point really?? I'm not sure I understand... If I wanted to just go out and get laid, I'm sure I could... and that, it seems, is all B and I would do.... despite us being friends, the GF always comes first (as she should). It is rather frustrating though.

*sigh* Whatever, I'm on my way to work now, so I should run... 
Maybe I'll sail away to singapore.

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