Zydrate Comes in a Little Glass Vial

So ... What do I say? 

I'm moving tomorrow - Or supposed to be but you never know mom wants to keep me here as long as possible, but I really really want to move *sigh*. I guess it doesn't matter much. Everything is packed... and shit - I just realized I'm going out of town for a bit and I'll need some clothes and stuff - Well this sucks I need to unpack some stuff fuck.

Oh well - as I said; everything is packed, save my bedding and bathroom stuff. And well - computer obviously haha... I am very excited for this. 

AND - did you notice the title is a link? Yes, yes it is - to Repo! The Genetic Opera. It looks like quite the movie and I am quite excited for it to be released. I'm also excited for the soundtrack which comes out September 30th... I think that's right. 

I know all the lyrics to 'Zydrate Anatomy' It's an amazing song - and the movie clip is just as amazing. I've listed to it over 100 times now and I just can't get over it. I love this song. 

I most certainly recommend checking out the site because it's pretty much amazing.

C, C and I are anxiously awaiting its release.

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