Fun Questions

Just some fun Questions I found ^^ Thought I'd fill it out.

  • Which is your most favorite book ever?
Oh god.... I have no idea..... I think I have to say Hand of the Devil or Hades Daughter - My my vampire romance series is really really good too.

  • Which is the one television character that you simply adore?
Hmm... Television?? I can think of a movie character; Tank Girl - I love her soo much, she's pretty much amazing.

  • What is your taste in music?
Uhm... Eclectic I would say. I like everything -- and I mean that. I can find at least on song in every genre that I really enjoy. For a long time I was on a hardcore J-rock/metal fix... but really... I can't chose. ^^;

  • Which is your favorite genre of movies ? (Comedy/ Romance/Suspense/Action/Horror)
Suspense and horror. I get very scared very easy - but I think that's part of the fun... I like being scared tho... so maybe I'm just crazy lol. 

  • What do you do when you are feeling very sad or depressed?
Uhm... Read - write in one of many journals, draw, talk to friends - Uhmm?? Take more pills?

  • What makes your angry? Do you get angry very soon? How do you overcome your anger?
oh god - angry? I have no idea. I don't get angry very often - I suppose Over-excessive drinking but I get over it really easy.

  • Which is the best vacation you’ve ever had in your life?
Went to BC for a year long vacation and I loved every second of it. Yes, even the six months of rain ^^

  • If you could have a luncheon with any three people (real of fictitious/ from any time period, dead or alive) , which three people would you choose and why?
Tom Waits: he's a great singer and has been through a TON of stuff in his life and I'm sure he has a lot of great stories to tell. 
Terry Goodkind: One of my brothers favorite authors. Mostly just because I'd sneak Dy in there to meet him too :D
Gackt: I have no idea - He's just really sexy - I'd prolly sit there and drool the entire time -_-''

  • Which is your most cherished childhood memory? How were you as a kid ?
Hmm - this is a hard one. I can't help but say all the christmas celebrations at Grandma Clines house. There were always fun and... I just -- best times ever. We didn't all get together very often so it was nice when it did happen.

  • If given a complete freedom to start afresh, what profession would you choose and why?
I would own a coffee shop/ bookstore in Singapore where I could sell my art and just be free - and be my own boss. I would love it. It's still a dream of mine. 

  • What is your idea of fun? If given a choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
Sitting around watching movies/listening to music hanging out outside on nice days near the river and just going on an adventure - any sort of adventure. 

  • Which is your favorite time of the day, are you a morning person or a night person?
Night person ;)

  • What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Heh -- Uhm I ran away to vancouver and partied like mad... I dunno - I can't tell what would be "crazy" I do a lot of messed up stuff. I had my entire school think ing I was a 300 year old vampire from House Kephru .... yea I dunno I scared a lot of people...

  • Name one person whom you love the most and one person whom you hate the most.
Love and hat hmm? I can't say....

  • In case you and I were going out and we had a fight. How would you try to patch things up?
*shrug* who are you?? I guess it depends on what you like... 

  • Which is the most funniest prank played on you or played by you?
I have no idea - ask one of my fiends.

  • If given a choice, which animal would you want to be? Why?
TIGER! I would be a tiger - You don't need to know why >.>

  • Who was your first crush? Did you ever tell him/her about your feelings?
Hahaha omg - Dallas Bryson from my old school. I never told him (i was like 10) but he knew anyway lol everyone did.

  • Which is your most favorite place in this earth?
Dunno I haven't been everywhere yet.

  • If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things that you would want to survive?
A boat
More food
Oars for the boat...


If She's Breathing

Is it too much to ask, for someone to come upstairs and see if I'm alright??

Another round of cutting



300 mg of Novo Lamotrigine -- 3x my dosage

I want nothing more than to swallow a bottle of Tylenol and hope for fuck that it helps.

Each time and I go up in numbers... Today I took 5

Will tomorrow be 6?