Another Awkward Skank

So, lets talk about words: Awkward and Skank.

Why these words? Because, let me put it this way... Last night was awkward because I am a skank. Curt, James, Cam, Brodie and I sat around watching movies last night. Normally, this should not be an awkward situation, but when you bring into account the fact that I was sitting in a room filled with people I've fucked, and all of them know it except for my boyfriend.... yea. not fun. Invite Tynera and Brandon over and BAM there's all my ex lovers in one room. FUCK.

James is sitting beside me playing Twilight Princess (Zelda) while I write this and it feels strangely okay... I'm not sure why that is exactly, because I hate writing in my journals while there are people around. ... Do I really trust him this much?

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