Brandon is my HEROIN, but You Could be my Cocain

Angel found a perfect torrent of REPO: The Genetic Opera and burned me a copy of it. Amazing movie, I loved every second of it.

Goad damn.... now about serious things. Mmmm...

I really like James, like - really really like James. It feels great to have him around me. Home with me (HOME). He's being a bit more intimate lately (still no sex). It feels amazing when he touches me; kisses me; hugs me; wants me?? Does he? I have no idea. But i know I like him more than even I want to admit... and I guess that's okay.

I put up with Tynera's burn-out neglect for nine months....

It feels strange to want someone like this again... Brandon will always be my heroin, he will always have that place in my heart that is reserved for my first real love.... but I think maybe James could be my Cocain. It feels just a bit safer.... it feels like I'm almost floating.

Maybe Cocain isn't the right drug.... maybe he;s more like Weed. Hard to say.

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