From Curt to Gabe

Wow, I have no idea what to say about the last week; from Curt to Gabe has just been one big drama. I am almost positive that PLAN B worked. Good enough, I guess...

Gabe - is moving out. Things are not okay there, but I am hoping he will learn to forgive me and maybe one day we can be friends again. It hurts, and I miss him dearly. I hope he finds himself and can be happy with whatever he chooses to do.

James will be moving in (for good) sometime in February, he basically lives here anyway. I think that maybe I can learn to make him happy and things will hopefully work out for us. I do like him; a lot. I just wish he liked me too. It hurts not knowing if I make him happy or not. He never talks to me about anything. I have no idea what he is feeling or thinking. I guess I don't really tell him either. I guess that's life.

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