maybe i just need to find that guy that makes you constantly feel sick and in a good way

...She Knows Exactly How I feel....

-i want to find a guy that basically will have sex everywhere

-and i want a guy that can just lift me up and fuck me against a wall...

-my fantasy is to be fucked against a wall

-i had one guy pin me up against the wall and crazily make out with me and it was like the hottest thing EVER

-maybe i needed an std or a kid for him to be into me

--- This poem was written by her ---
It was hard to see me leaving you
Now it’s hard to see why I was with you
Lost myself in your tangled web of lies
Knowing something was wrong
But as sick as it was I felt I belonged
Why did I let this go on so long?
All that happened is now I am alone
Everyone says maybe it is for the best
But at the moment I feel and emptiness
In my heart I know it was the right thing to do
For my happiness was dwindling
The part of you I loved was not the real you
You were about lying cheating and fakeness
But I got to face this
You and I were never meant to be
I gave you my everything
I gave you my all
And all I did was fall
Fall for a guy that would go out of his way to break
The heart of a girl truly in love with him
Now she has to recover from sleepless nights
A broken heart and blood shot eyes
Left dry from all the tears she’s cried
I was there through it everything
Just to be the girl on the side
I took your side over my friends countless times
I was even with you while you were sniffing lines
A guy I thought actually loved me turned into
A guy I hate as nearly as much as my father
I guess I was not enough
You had to go get with bitches that were rough
I hope it was worth it in the end
Now I’m hoping you are sitting there thinking
Thinking that you have made the biggest mistake of your life
I’m going to forget you
But I will never forgive you


-I want a guy that I will be his only drug
Not a guy that will leave you second to his drugs

-I want to be the only girl he wants to watch
Not a guy obsessed with watching lesbians

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