Our Work Makes Pretty Little Homes

I'm getting my hair done.
I'm getting my nails done.
I'm going to join a gym.

Cuz I want to look good for you
Cuz I want to impress you
Cuz I feel like I need to

Maybe my work will make us a pretty little home...
Don't want to give up our pretty little home.

Did the dishes for two hours yesterday;
Cleaned the house to make you happy.
Thank you for saying thanks,
It's nice to feel appreciated.

Okay - I'm done being a little poet. But yeah, as I was saying, I'm getting my hair cut. I will draw a picture of how I want it in a bit, and then I can actually explain how it's going to look. Anyway, it's going to be awesome!

I am also getting my nails done, and yes; I am going to join a gym. Steph and I decided that it is a new year, and we deserve to feel good about ourselves. We deserve it! maybe I will even be able to afford a new outfit ^_^!! I'm so happy today, it feels good to have all these plans.

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