A Series of Unfortunate Poems

Yea, the last night I saw Brandon before leaving to BC he wrote me this poem

One last time
To say hello
One last time
To not let go

One last time
To run out the door
One last time
To see you four seconds more

One last time
To hold you in my arms
One last time
To keep you safe from harm

One last time
To lie naked together
One last time
To never say never

One last time
To talk about our dreams
One last time
To explain stupid schemes

One last time
To walk you up the stairs
One last time
It's not fair

One last time
To kiss you goodbye
Maybe the last time
... Maybe not

:: Written about Brandon ::

The End

And he already promised
I would get hurt
And he already told me
He lies
And my mother doesn’t like him much
She knows he plays around

But in the end
It really doesn’t matter
I need him here
And I need him now
And don’t think about the future
Don’t think about the past
Now is all that counts

And my mother told me
To watch my heart
And she told me
I would get hurt
And she really doesn’t like him much
She knows he’s plays around

In the end it doesn’t matter
Can’t think about the future
Don’t think about the past

And tomorrow I might be crying
Last week I felt like dying
He breaks my heart
But that’s okay
He’s here now

Because none of it really matters
The future is not planned
And three years from now
I could hate him
Still need him
He’d be there

Hating me
Needing me
In the end

It's been 3 years
And guess what,
You're still here
And I still hate you
Need you
Feel you
Breath you

You broke my heart but that's okay
Cuz you're here now
and It's not going to change.

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