Just had our first work out at the gym. It's fun. I'm actually looking forward to going again. Tomorrow!!! We are going the next day as well. After that we are doing a Mon. Wed. Fri. schedule. which will hopefully work out for the best. It feels good to build muscle...

I'm exactly 90lbs ... Do you know how scary that is?? I was 110 for a while - where did I go? It explains why I'm so tired and shit all the time though. I have nothing there to keep me healthy. I'll start gaining weight as I build up my muscles which will be nice. I'll start looking and feeling better. It's gonna be great!!

I think I am going to enjoy it.

... also, just a question, but - how many people read this?? just - post a comment if you do (don't need names if you don't want)... Thanks!!

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Lucille Hope said...

i read it! ^^ and i msgs u on facebook