Just one reason the human race no longer deservs to live.

Just read some of these VERY fucked up science experiments.....

Heartbeat At Death
Shock the Puppy
Would You Go To Bed With Me Tonight?
Stimuli Eliciting Sexual Behavior in Turkeys
Seeing Through Cat’s Eyes
The Electrification of Human Corpses
My Fingernails Taste Terribly Bitter
The Ape and the Child
The Remote-Controlled Bull
Monkey-Head Transplant
Beneficial Brainwashing
The Vomit-Drinking Doctor
Facial expressions while decapitating a rat
The Stanford Prison Experiment
Human-Ape Hybrid
The Isolated Head of a Dog
The Initiation of Heterosexual Behavior in a Homosexual Male
Demikhov’s Two-Headed Dogs
Elephants on Acid

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