You Were Peeling an Orange With a Knife at the Time

I'm moving
I'm fucking Curt
I'm moving
I'm moving

I feel like a whore.

Why do I do this?

Living with Angel, Dez and Dom will be fantastic. I'm so excited.

I went from one relationship that I didn't want but couldn't get out of into another one that I don't want and can't get out of. Fuck shit; men are dumb. Is Brandon the only guy I know that can have a normal fuck buddy relationship? Curt puts too much into this - like we aren't friends... like we're dating instead. IT'S NOT COOL!! NOT OKAY MR.CURT...

how come every time I go over there he assume's SEX... sometimes I like to hang out with my FRIEND and watch movies without cuddling and holding hands and being disgustingly "into each other" fucking fuck. What!? Because I'm a girl I have to want some sort of relationship with a guy just because I fucked him? GUYS DON'T HAVE TO! Why should I??

Moving is going to be GREAT! So excited, I think it'll work out really well! I think it's going to be wonderful! I can't wait!


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