Dirt Junkie

I have a new stort account, with two stories on it currently.

Lost in a Dirt Junkies Mind
Heroin, I Hate You

Please read them and leave a review (there is a link at the bottom of the story)

I would love you forever if you did ^_^

Hugs and love!!


Fish and Bird

HAHA Fucking funny quotes from the story I'm reading :P

>If you don't pre-purchase a site before your untimely demise, do they just stick you wherever? Always kinda wondered that. Would suck if you're into feng-shui.

>I bet old people play dead just for fun. I sure would.

>For all I know she could be the head of some crazy cult, intent on world domination or something. She might even have kids.

>The window is only inches from the bookshelf and after I take a few sugar sachets from my bag I crack the venetian blinds, actually hoping to see something decent.

Oh, what a fool I am.

Miles and miles of green. Hills, valleys, dips and curves. Grass, grass, grass, for fucking miles. Cows. Goddamn cows.

“Fuck you too.” I snap, and yank the blinds shut.

>Sometimes I have this wicked craving for longer hair, just so I can whip my towel around it like all the girls do. It just looks so neat!

>Oh, young love. It's amazing how often it can be mistaken for vampirism.

okay.. yeah I'm done for now ^_^


I Remember A Time

I used to sit and write for hours on end... just writing. Letting out my fustration and anger and hurt. my happyness, my excitement.. Everything. I havn't written in so long and I don't remember why.. i love writing. I like the feeling of watching a white page come to life with words and smuges and emotions..

I'm going to try to write more... more stories
more journal entries
more poems
more random thoughts...

More of anything really...

It just feels GOOD to write again :)

I'll try.. try to be back tomorrow with a real update on my life... or maybe later tonight when I can't sleep because my thoughts are drifting so fast it feels like they are choking me.


Until then.. here is a list of stories everyone should read :)

Brady Remington Landed Me In Jail

Homesick Abortion

Spinning in Straight Lines

Stupid Post It Notes

All amazingly written stories by very talented writers :) Enjoy