Fish and Bird

HAHA Fucking funny quotes from the story I'm reading :P

>If you don't pre-purchase a site before your untimely demise, do they just stick you wherever? Always kinda wondered that. Would suck if you're into feng-shui.

>I bet old people play dead just for fun. I sure would.

>For all I know she could be the head of some crazy cult, intent on world domination or something. She might even have kids.

>The window is only inches from the bookshelf and after I take a few sugar sachets from my bag I crack the venetian blinds, actually hoping to see something decent.

Oh, what a fool I am.

Miles and miles of green. Hills, valleys, dips and curves. Grass, grass, grass, for fucking miles. Cows. Goddamn cows.

“Fuck you too.” I snap, and yank the blinds shut.

>Sometimes I have this wicked craving for longer hair, just so I can whip my towel around it like all the girls do. It just looks so neat!

>Oh, young love. It's amazing how often it can be mistaken for vampirism.

okay.. yeah I'm done for now ^_^

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