Swiming and Life Updates

Yay!! Well my good friend/soon to be roommate Britney and I are going swimming today and maybe a picnic :D It'll be fun! I'm excited. haven't gone swimming in a really long time, so it'll feel good to get out there again heheh.

As for LIFE

Well... i have a house to live in! YAY! Not that I'm homeless or anything right now... It's just, all my stuff is at Angels/Dez's, I'm mostly at moms, and... well yeah. >.< I hate riding the bus. Hate it, with a passion.!! hahah

I should maybe be getting ready for swimming, or something.... whatever lol ... I'm ... I'm kind of exhausted. and the amount of coffee I'm drinking is really making my tummy hurt, big time. :( sad face.

I want to get to work on some more artwork, or something. It'd be nice... I

I dunno.


:) :)


So fucking tired

i don't even really want to type in here, but It's something to do because I am at my moms and I really have nothing else to do ... so whatever. I'm not sure what to write.... I'm tired.

I stayed up all night, I want to say why.. i want to say what i was doing and who i was doing it with and hahaha fuck. I want to say how fun it was but I probably shouldn't do that. I kind of want to fantasize about it for a bit though. the things he said ... things he did. God... yeah.


I'm so tired.

I need to go to bed, goodnight.