So Maybe I'm Crazy Buuutt....

Just.. try .. one day try it! because it's the best feeling in the world... Well I think so anyway...

1. Get a really old, B&W horror movie - one of the ones with like... really loud screams and TONS of overacting - turn the volume down low enough so that all you really hear are the screams.

2. Get some candles, put them everywhere (that won't start a fire)

3. Find some AWESOME classical/instrumental music and turn it on so you can still hear the movie screams faintly.

4. If you don't have to pay or water in your place - Turn on a shower or sink .. some sort of water for more weird background noise

5. Make a blanket nest.

6. get buzzed or half cut or something

7. Just chill out! and listen to the music and watch the creepy movie ^_^

It feeels sooo good.

best way to de-stress.

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GabeBe said...

Sounds like a great time!!! I will have to do it... hmmm??? Six pack of Keiths or a four pack of Bacardi Coolers??