So I really haven't been doing a whole lot other than work, playing The Sims and watching You Tube vidjeo's... So I thought I'd just go ahead and share some of the people that I subscribe too ---

=3 - Ray William Johnson
Equals 3 is a wonderful, funny channel, it's great - I have nothing more to say, just watch it. You'll love it.

Breaking NYC - Ray William Johnson
This is the same guy that does =3 - it's his personal Vlog which is just as interesting, in a totally different way. He's a eally col guy, check out his shit.

Uhm.. actually- that's it, really... Just those two - if you want to check out his roommates Vlog it's on his page - The Will of DC -- and his friend Tessa - Meekakitty. I don't think they're as good, really... but you might find them interesting, so go for it. Watch a couple episodes and decide for yourself or whatever.

To be honest, I'm kinda thinking of starting my own Vlog thing, maybe... We'll see.

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