And another Quiz

00. First off, what is your name?
Twiggy Karyl Stanton

99. Why were you named that?
Not Really sure, Ask my parents

98. Who is your best friend?
Britney or Angel <3 Many loves to them both. They are always there for me no matter what!

97. Do you have any siblings?
I do - My brother Dylan and Angel is like my sister <3 forever forever

96. Are your parents together/divorced/separated?
Divorced and re-maried (yay I have 4 parents)

95. Favorite color?
Black and Neon green

94. Who is your favorite NFL team?
Roughriders (only because I live in Sask... yeah I know they suck)

91. Who sits behind you in 2nd period?
Graduated Bitches!!!

90. Who sits to the left?

89. Where is your mom right now?
At her house, probably in bed, or making coffee for her and my step dad. or amybe watching TV. Yeah - her morning schedual is always the same... OR no - WAIT - she's at the doctor this morning...

88. Do you have any kids?
Nope, thankfully.

87. Who is the 5th person you got a missed call from?
I do not own a telephone of any sort at all at the moment.

86. Closest black object?
My desk/clothing

85. Closest silver object?
The ring on my finger or the change on my desk lol

84. Have you ever jumped a fence running from a cop?
Not yet...

83. Do you sing in the shower?
hahah no, our walls are really thin. I don't want anyone to hear my awful singing hahaha

82. Do you have any pets?
A snake, Heroin, and a cat, Harley David Quinn

81. How does your hair look right now?
Mess unkempt, black, short in the back, long in front, bangs.

80. Last time you listened to country music?
Ermmm.... no idea.

78. If you could kill someone, who would it be?
You, maybe?

77. What are your fears?
Ghosties, being left behind, being forgotten, another one of my friends killing themselves, loosing my Mom to whatever disease it is she has that the doctors keep not finding. :(

76. Do you still pee your pants?
Uhm... eww...

75. What do you hear right now?
Melody sleeping on our couch, my typing, cars outside.

74. How many drugs are in your system right now?
Tylenol and Antianxiety pills.

73. What kind of drunk are you?
Happy, bubbly, confident

72. What are you wearing?
Black bunnyhug, t-shirt, black baggy pants, black socks... black black black

71. Last person you commented?
Ermm... fucked if I know? I don't keep track of that shit.

70. Do you sing?
hahaha Sadly, yes. I'm in a 'Band' Gnomedelic.... we suck, we really really suck.

69. Single or Taken?
Single, fairly happy about it. Last guy I dated I found to be married so....

68. Screamo or Country?
Screamo I guess

67. Rock or Rap?
Rock for sure, but some Rap is Okay

66. chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate as a general rule...

65. who did you last call?
no-one.. No phone, remember...

64. Who last called you?

63. What jewelry do you wear daily?
A ring my mom's ex boyfriend found on the floor of The Wash and Slosh. Been wearing it everyday for the last like.. seven years. Never taking it off, ever.

62. Are you happy right now?
Happy? not sure... content, yes.

61. Who was the last person you said I love you to?
Britney, when we were outside. I say I love you to all my friends, all the time. They mean the world to me.

60. Would you die for someone?

59. If so, who?
My brother, my family, Angel and Britney. I wouldn't even think about it.

57. Are you cold right now?
Naw, it's pretty warm in our house today.

58. What do you smell right now?
Coffee and cigarette smoke... kinda gross mixture. The coffee smells good though.

56. Do you have to pee right now?
Nope, just went :P

55. What did you do last night?
Hung out at the Big Brown Beast with Nylan, Angel, Brodie, Amanda and Mike... or Mark... or some M name. Was a good time. Angel just moved in there. Pretty good deal - they are all awesome people.

54. What are you doing tommorow?
Working, sadly. But Meh...

53. If an ex asked you back out, would you say yes?
... I'm not really sure.

52. Do you pick your nose?
sometimes if I can't breath and theres nothing to blow my nose with.

51. Do you cuss?
Fuck You

50. Bedsheet color?

49. Wall color?

48. Carpet or wood in your room?
Grey Carpet

47. Do you cut your own veggies?
. wtf? uhmm... yeah?

46. Wildest rumor you've ever heard about yourself?
Toooooo many.

45. Do you have makeup on right now?
Nope, don't usually put makeup on unless Im going out.

43. Are you shy?
Sometimes, depends on my mood and who I'm with. I'm getting better at not being shy though.

41. Can u do a cartwheel?
hahahah not even a little bit.

40. Favorite ice cream?
Cherry!!! or Bubblegum!! or NO Wait TIGER TIGER! that shit's the best!

39. Ever gone a whole day without eating?
Yeah, it happens.

38. America or Canada?
Canada Eh

37. What makes u mad?

36. What if you found out you were adopted?

35. Jeans or Sweatpants?
I'm getting really bored of this quiz thing. I'm gonna stop now.

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