The Day

Spent the day doing absolutly NOTHING (!!) Went to the doc hoping I had Cancer or HIV or something - no such luck. Still not dying. Just lazy and kind of useless. Stayed home from work again because of Migranes and stomach pain that are honestly probably caused by myself for no particular reason.

woke up at two o'clock read, blogged, make tea and coffee and havn't moved from my computer since, save to go onto the deck while my roommate had a smoke. It's really kind of sad.

I don't have a choice but to go to work tomorrow, which sucks, but it's worth it, I guess - maybe. I dunno. Need the money, so yeah It's worth it.

anyway, I don't really feel like complaining and being moody and bitchy and sad - So I'ma end this here, but I'll probably post again before the night is through as there really is nothing else for me to do today but look at blogs and news and shit so...


Peace <3

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