Filth Hi

the yellowish greedy bugs are my frustrated sympathizers
the rotten apple in my gastric juices.
won't you try some of the soup of sexual desire
The dripping pink maggots soaked in the Formaldhyde of Sadistic Desire
The rotten strawberry down in there
A sour marinee prepared with blood
~ Dir En Grey

So I was snooping through some of my old blogs/journals/websites... and came across a bunch of pictures from Highschool. It was pretty crazy to see after all these years. I don't talk to half those people anymore... Hell, I don't talk to any of those people anymore. Forgot about a bunch of em.

I realize this post is kind of pointless to some of you who read the blog, but still - just wow, looking back and seeing how much I've changed since then. I went from Baby-goth, to fake wanna-be Raver chik, to Prep and metal head and everything else in between and it's just strange to look back and be like "Why the fuck did I think that looked good!?"

I thought I knew everything back then, I though I had my whole life planned out! I was going to own a coffee shop in Singapore and teach english. And now... now i'm still in my same little city, hanging out at the same dingy metal/rock bar with the same coke freaks and druggies that have always been there.

Surprisingly... I'm content with my life though. Right now - sitting in a gross bar with gross people drinking overpriced beer and rum, listening to metal and Industrial Music is exactly where I want to be. I'm not so sure my parents are proud.

"My folks don't know I live this way
and I'm scared to say, but
This might be my life"
~Pop Debris

I'm SURE some of you (all of you) have changed since your highschool years. And I can't be the only one who's content with being what society conciders to be a 'failure'...


Riggy Crackdust said...

I'm in the same situation as far as high school goes. I have some videos & pictures of old friends, most of them I haven't seen since I dropped out.

I think more people need to come up with their own idea of success rather than follow society's idea.

BLUERAD said...

hmm just don't do hard drugfs and fuck yourself

Austin Da Silveira said...

I think I still talk to a total of 1 person from high school. I'm definitely glad to have moved on from a bunch of them though.

ShredGuitar said...

Hah, that's cool!

razortek said...

followin 'n' supportin 'n' fappin bro :)

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bezzare said...

awesome can't wait for more posts always following you mate
keep it up

bezzare said...

Looks good keep up the good work mate

bezzare said...
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razortek said...

followin 'n' supportin 'n' fappin bro :)

check also this to find new interesting blogs to luv daily

RatsRunThisTown said...

TBH I'm happy with how I've turned out. Only thing that makes me cringe when looking back was my skinhead haha

Terrador said...

Self-actualization, man.