Fossils of new species

Scientists have unearthed two new species of giant plant-eating horned dinosaurs in southern Utah, US.

The creatures lived on the "lost continent" of Laramidia in the Late Cretaceous period, some 68 to 99 million years ago.

Laramidia was formed when a shallow sea flooded part of what is now North America and separated the eastern from the western parts.

The findings were published in the journal PLoS ONE.

The newly found dinos lived in the subtropical swampy environment about 100km from the seaway that split the ancient continent in two.

They were close relatives of the dinosaur Triceratops, and belonged to the family known as ceratopsians. "Ceratops" means "horned face" in Greek.


Now this next comment could get me into trouble - however;

I've heard some people of a certain religion saying that Dionosours do not exist, never existed, and 'God' put the bones there to test their fate.

Comments on that? Personally - I think bullshit. If your that nieve, shoot yourself. I don't say this simply because of my disbeleif in god, but because you'd have to be an idiot to think that we have been the only living lifeforms on the planet. I mean, really -- c'mon people.

Anyway, I'm going to sign out before I get in too much trouble. but yeah - tell me your opinion on that one.

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ChaosReaper said...

Oh wow, very interesting stuff! 2010 has been a great year for science for SURE.