Isn't it Funny

Isn't it funny how Hello
Is allways accompanied with Goodbye
It's funny how Good memories
Can start to make you Cry
It's funny how Forever
Never seems to really Last
It's funny how much you'd lose
If you Forgot about your Past
It's Funny how "friends"
Can just Leave you when your Down
It's funny how when you need someone
They're never around...
It's funny how people change
and think they're So Much Better
It's funny how so many lies
can be packed into One Love Letter
It's funny how people forgive
When they can Never Forget
It's funny how One Night
Can contain so Much Regret
It's funny how Ironic life turn out to Be
But the funniest part of all
is how none of that
Is Funny to me.

~~ Author Unknown


Hank Noir said...

such a nice poem :)

Twiggy said...

:) and sadly, so very true lol

Survivor said...

isn't it sad that its true

deviants0ul said...

I agree with the above people. Look forward to more interesting poems!

Riggy Crackdust said...

True but sad :o

Did you write this?

Twiggy said...

No, I didn't write it. Just something I found... oddly inspiring, thought I would share.

tienstormirk said...

deep shiet.

ShredGuitar said...

Nice post!