Oh Dear

I have absolutly nothing to write about - but I want to write... was thinking of doing a movie review, but now I'm too lazy. That's pretty pathetic isn't it?

Life seems to be sort of turning around for me now, which is good.

I have two jobs, housekeeping, and another apartment cleaning job. But they both pay very well and I'm quite happy with where I am in my life right now. Found out I'm hypoglicemic which is well... whatever, really. Doesn't make that much of a diference to my life so I don't really care. On the other hand I also found out I weigh a whole total of 83 pounds and wow... yeah - not so healthy at all.

The doctor (yes I have a new family doctor and she's actually working on finding out why I'm loosing so much weight which is awesome!) Anyway, my doctor gave me some meal suplements that I'm supposed to take with my food, but - even though I have been drinking them, eating three meals a day - I've lost a pound and a bit. Which I know seems small, but when you only weigh 83 pounds loosing anything is a bit worrysome.

I'm also back on antianxiety drugs which is great. Needed them so very badly. I'm getting back to feeling like a normal human being which is great :)

I'm thinking of getting back to work writing on some stories, or working on a comic. I need an outlet of some type.

Also, my music folder is failing me, if anyone has any new music that they want to share with me that would be awesome, because I'm really really getting bored with my colection.

Oh, and the roomie and I gotted outselves a wee beasty - her name is Harley David Quinn. Yay... most loving cuddly cat I've ever met in my life and she is amazing. One day when I get my camera working again I'll have to put up some pictures of her.

Sorry this post is so boring and useless - I'll get back into the swing of things again soon. promise. :)

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