Somwtimes life hands you $100 and five shots of Whiskey

Okay, so maybe that wasn't life that handed me the $100, that was Wal-Mart, but I had basicly written that money off because I never thought I would actually be getting it. The Whiskey on the oter hand...

Well, I was waiting for my bus the other day, standing out in the cold and rain and wind when out of no-where this chika comes up to the bus stop and starts harassing people. Whatever, I just turned away because she was kinda cute and looked like "one of us" so by all means chika, harass whoever you want.

She must have seen me turn away because all of a sudden she's standing behind me, "Well you're just a bitch, eh?" and she kinda giggles so I turn back around and start laughing like wtf? and she hands me a two litre and goes "It's straight whiskey, don't make me drink alone."

So whatever, fine, a couple shot's of whiskey before work isn't going to hurt. and we get to talking and apperantly she's a waitress at the irish pub not to far from my house. Well - that is indeed and exciting prospect. a couple more shots before the bus comes and I'm on my way to work.

All in all it was a good morning of harassing bus stop people, meeting cute chika's and drinking whiskey and getting money.

Now I need to find someone to go to Dublins with me so I can try to get her number.

Wish me lucks. ;)

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