Feels Bad

So I've been sitting here for the last couple days thinking. See, everybody has their "thing" that one awesome thing they're really good at and really passionate about. I .. I don't have that "thing". I don't know what my "thing" is... and it's bothering me.

See, I concider myself to be an okay artist, a somewhat good writer, and okay photographer. But I can't say I have anything to call my own.

My roommate is GREAT when it comes to computers and videogames. My brother is Awesome at tech support/computers/gaming; Anything that has to do with technology really. My friends, all of them, have a thing that they are known for be that Cars or accents or photography. Insane knowledge about the occult, music, tv series. Whatever.

I have NOTHING that I'm actually REALLY passionate about. Nothing that I'm really good at and it's starting to bother me. When it comes right down to it... I'm basicly nobody.

Feels bad man.

I'd really like to find my "thing"...

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Anonymous said...

*hugs* we all feel like that, most of the time we are the last to realise what we are good at.