What a fucking idiot! God Damned stupid roommate has her god damned stupid abusive peice of shit ex-boyfriend here and really, all I want to do is beat her with a God damned chainsaw until she's nothing but Mush in my God Damned bathtub.

What a fucking stupid peice of shit god Damned idea I fucking hate her.

I fucking hate him.

Need to get out of this fucking house before I do fucking kill someone. Just glad my boyfriend is here or I'd fucking go fucking insane.

I hate this shit. Hate it, stupid.

She's cheating, going to cheat on a great guy, her awesome boyfriend that everyone likes, that everybody approves of, the guy that treats her like she should be treated.

Honestly, maybe this prick peice of shit is the guy she Deserves.

Maybe she isn't any better than exactly what he calls her because, fuck, some days I'd like to say the exact same fucking thing to her.

What an idiot. Peice of fucking shit stupid slut cunt dumb fucking Dumb!