Rest in Peace

They told me it would get easier with time but it hasn't
They told me you're still here in some form and maybe you are
I still look for you four years later...
Four years later and not a day goes by without you on my mind

Dez and I are comming to visit you on the 3rd...
I think you'd approve of us,
I think you'd be happy for us.
I don't know why, but your oppinion still matters more than anyone elses

I can't tell you how many times I've cried thinking of you
I was going to talk to you that night...
I was going to call and tell you that I was comming back from BC
I wanted to chill
Drink coffee at the Wayback Shack and laugh
Those days are so many years past

For wherever you are
I hope you're happy
I hope the pain is gone.

I love you my friend <3