Day 2: Nicknames.

Day 2: Nicknames.

Well, I can't say I've actually had that many nicknames, but I have had a few, so here goes...

1. Beej
2. B.J.
3. Bee-Bop (as in Bee-bop and Rocksteady - my brother was Rocksteady... TMNT.. just in case you didn't get it...)
4. Snail - I had a pet, while I was living in BC, his name was Bob. I have a tatoo of him on my hip.
5. Twiggy
6. Stanton/Stan/Tony (these ones come from Drag)

And, really I think thats about it otheer than ya know... Freak, Bitch (because I wore a leash throughout highschool), Darlin, What have you... lol

So yeah! Thants all, friends!!

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